Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications

IDEC is a volunteer organization of licensed Amateur Radio operators supporting the City of Irvine’s emergency preparedness plan and general public safety by providing a flexible, technical resource which is skilled in disaster response functions and emergency communications.

Latest News / Announcements / Upcoming Events

  • VickiBrek (Saturday, May 10th at 0800 hours)  This is a no host breakfast meeting held at Knowlwoods, Sand Canyon @ Burt -   Visitors welcome !  TO BE HELD AFTER THE SPRING DRILL
  • Next General Meeting (Thursday, April 24th at 1900 hrs)  Conference and Training Center (CTC) at the Irvine Civic Center
    • PCRF 1/2 Marathon recap
    • VIMS
    • N6IPD.ORG update
    • 50/50 raffle
    • FIELD DAY - JUNE 27th-28th-29th
    • Visitors welcome !

Net Control Assignment

  • April - University
  • May - Crossroads
  • June - Portola

IDEC Training

NIMS (National Incident Management System) Training All existing IDEC members need to complete this training. All IDEC applicants must complete this training prior to membership. For the City of Irvine, every City employee (including IDEC members) shall be required to take this training. The required NIMS classes and their tests can be found at: